The Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry operates exclusively for charitable, scientific, or educational purposes and was founded to: To educate the public about the importance of oral health in animals. To advance the understanding of the science of veterinary dentistry among all veterinarians. To further the knowledge of the veterinary and related professions through education of veterinarians, veterinary technicians and other health-care professionals interested in veterinary dentistry about effective veterinary oral health care delivery. To provide funding to colleges of veterinary medicine, veterinary technician schools, or other institutions, entities or individuals approved for funding by the Foundation to enhance the education of their students, provide appropriate equipment to facilitate teaching and delivery of effective oral care, and to support research projects in the field of veterinary oral health. HISTORY OF THE FOUNDATION 2005 First meeting at the Forum 2006 Initially a part ofAVDS meeting 9/23/06 Name change AVDSEF to F4VD IRS notification of tax exempt status 2007 Articles of Incorporation 2/12/2007 Representatives appointed from each association NON-ENDOWED FUNDS: General Donations These funds may be distributed as directed by the Trustees for the general benefit of veterinary dentistry education, research, public relations and promotion of the F4VD Make Me Smile Program. Donations can be made to the F4VD Treasurer as directed below: Memorial Scholarship Leaders in Veterinary Dentistry Memorial Scholarship is designated to fund veterinarians and technicians that are tracking to become Diplomats in the AVDC or Fellows in the AVD or AVDT. ​ADVANCED ANIMAL DENTAL CARE BEN COLMERY BOB & CINDY BOYD CHARLIE ADAMS COLIN HARVEY Stainless Crown - $500 to $999 ​BARRINGTON ANIMAL HOSPITAL & DENTISTRY BARRY RATHFON CINDY CHARLIER CURT RICHIE Silver Crown - $1,000 to $1,999 JAMES C. CLARKSON STANLEY W. BLAZEJEWSKI DR. THOULTON SURGEON In-Kind Donors – Auctions JAN BELLOWS BOB & CINDY BOYD BARDEN GREENFIELD VICKIE BYARD CHARLES RAHNGR JR. CHERYL BATER AVDT BROOK NIEMIEC DENTALAIRE-RON ANDERSON SANOS ROB YELLAND KEVIN STEPANUIK PETER EMILY BARRON HALL AVD SUN VALLEY COMPANY UPENN DENTAL DEPARTMENT IM3 SURGIVET HOTLINE ALL PRO- JEFF GOODE VIRBAC- MICHAEL WALSH JOSEPHINE BANYARD MILTEX TARTAR SHIELD VETERINARY TRANSPLANT SHIPP’S DENTAL – JAY HAENERT HEALTHY MOUTH – KAREN MIDMARK JIM MERRITT HOPE SCIENCE VETERINARY INOVADENTDIANE BREED If you would like to donate you may use: PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online! or send a check made out to the F4VD and mailed to the address below: Dr. Erich Rachwitz, Treasurer (At-Large) Treasurer 3905 Twin Creek Drive # 103 Bellevue, NE 68123

(No grants to be awarded, 2011)

Approved research grants allocation for $15,000, 10/18/11

Approved funding for 2013 research grants: 2 at $7,500 each, 11/21/12

Approved $6,000 donation to Morris Animal Foundation, 11/28/11


F4VD Meeting Chris Snyder provided update and requested additional $5,000


Proposal Title: Clinical and Histopathologic Characterization of Canine Chronic Ulcerative Stomatitis

Principal Investigator: Jamie G. Anderson, DVM, MS, Dip AVDC, Dip ACVIM

Validation and optimization of cytology for the screening of oral masses in dogs and cats

Principal investigators: Dr. Leslie Sharkey and Dr. Kevin Stepaniuk


The lnfluence of Axial Grooves on the Dislodgement Resistance of Prosthetic Metal Crowns in Dogs

Principal investigator: Jason W. Soukup, DVM, DAVD


The Influence of Distal Abrasion on the Fracture Resistance and Fracture Pattern of Canine Teeth in Dogs

Principal investigator: Jason W. Soukup, DVM, DAVD

Co-Investigator: Caitlyn Collins, MS

Co-Investigator: Heidi-Lynn Ploeg, PhD


Special Education grant to Univ of Illinois applicants:

Carol Akers & Misty Flinn-VDO

Scholarship Awards ($1,500 each):

AVDT – Julie McMahan

AVD – Robert Baratt

AVDC– Matt Lemons



Education Scholarship Awards ($1,500 each): Awarded 12/31/09

AVDC – Boaz Arzi

AVD – Christopher Smithso

AVDT – Jill Jecevicus

Adopted Research Panel Proposal

Approved $5,000 funds for Research Grant

1st Research Grant awarded 12/28/2009, $5,000 – Chris Snyder


$5,000 to Univ of Wisc. (9/8/2010) Snyder, Soukup, Drees

Approved SOP and naming: Leaders in Veterinary Dentistry Memorial Scholarship (Wiggs)


Awarded $5,000 2011 research grant

Approved transfer of $5,600 from general funds to start Leaders in Veterinary Dentistry Memorial Fund, 2/7/11

Approved reviewer recommendation for rejection of 2011 research grant proposal application

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